What is this place?

What is Core Four Reviews?
Core Four Reviews is where we (Alissa and Kristen) give our opinions about various TV shows, mostly reality. Our opinions are brutally honest and no one can escape our wrath. If you do something stupid on TV, you deserve every criticism thrown at you. Exceptions include children, blind people, gingers (they can’t help it, they don’t have souls), and the hopelessly pathetic (that includes you Denise Richards!).

What does “Core Four” mean?
On every reality show we choose our four favorite contestants at the end of every episode. These favorites are the official Core Four. They may change over time and even become the most hated, but at the time they represent the four least annoying people on said reality show.

Find out who we are after the jump.

Who are you people?
Who do you think you are asking us that? This is the internet, not a church group!


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