Poll Results Week 2 (The Bachelor: Jason Mesnik)

This week we had mixed results in our poll. We asked which moment (from a group of moments we selected) you all thought that Jason wouldn't want to show Ty. I think we can all agree he probably doesn't want to show most, if not all, of it to the poor kids. The moment that you guys thought was worst, though, was Natalie's Limo Rant, after Jason had dumped her off in Vegas. 38% of you thought that showing a clip of an arrogant girl swearing and being self-centered wasn't family friendly.

See the rest of the poll results after the jump.

Was there any horrible moment that we left off the list? And what cringe-worthy things happened on last night's episode that would send Ty running for the hills? I think that Megan and Jason kissing on the soap set was pretty PG-13, but you also can't forget Jason and Molly's tent escapades. What do you guys think?


Anonymous said...

The tent part for sure. Or just the whole General Hospital acting date. He made out with like 12 girls in a row. I'm surprised Megan's rant about Shannon only got a few votes. The language alone...

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