The Bachelor: Jason Mesnik (Episode 4) Recap

Previously on the bachelor: Stephanie got to frolic in the ocean with her daughter, the girls made molds of their boobs, Jason looked gooood with his shirt off, and Shannon vomited during the Rose Ceremony. Based on the preview for this episode it looks like Deanna is not in this one, and I am growing antsy. Why did they show us that happening when it was not going happen for like 6 weeks? Don’t tease me like that ABC.

Seems like we’ll have lots of fun drama this episode...a 2-on-1 elimination, girls breaking down, Shannon being creepy. Anyways, let the cryfest begin.

The weeping (and my review/recap) begins after the jump.

The episode begins with Chris Harrison coming out and announce there will be a 1-on-1 date, a group date, and a 2-on-1 date this week. 2-on-1’s are always exciting, because someone goes home. Oooh, fun twist by Chris Harrison, the girls have to compete to win the 1-on-1 date. Copying Deanna’s season, they have to write and perform a song for Jason.

The girls begin to work on their songs. Molly’s going the funny route, which is probably the best idea, and uhhh...we know she wins, so yeah. Stephanie is going all opera-like, which isn’t such a good idea. . Shannon chose to do a rap song, because that’s what Jason did for Deanna, proving that even choosing what genre of music to sing can bring out the creepy in a girl. Lauren thinks she’s a good singer, and is trying to go with a professional sounding song. Uhhh...good luck. Nikki is weeping and whines that being silly is not in her nature. No kidding. She’s going to be an AWESOME stepmom! Kids love people who are too self conscious to have fun!

Now the amazing Chris Harrison calls the girls together to perform. Jason is super excited, because apparently the singing contest was soooo fun last year. I remember it being awkward, at least. My anticipation is for the performances is beginning to grow.

Molly goes first and copies the tune of a song that I can’t recall at the moment. Apparently her song is funny (to the people there, at least), something about fast food. I’m wondering why she wins with that. I’m guessing Jason just picked the person he wanted to spend time with.

Shannon a.k.a. Shanaynay raps, and I actually think hers was kind of cute. But just kind of.

Melissa and Jillian’s songs are nothing worth mentioning (or making fun of).

Megan talks about baby making.

And then there’s Stephanie…wow. Just wow. And she’s dressed like a 12 year old hooker. Wow again.

Lauren announced to the camera that everyone’s song sucked. She’s right. She’s obviously taken this very seriously and her song is clearly the best. If Jason doesn’t pick her (and he doesn’t, since we know Molly gets the 1-on-1 date) than he is not picking his date based on their songs at all.

Nikki, who is sweating like a ho in church, but sounds better than most of them. Although, that’s not saying too much. She wrote a song she would want to sing her baby someday. I don’t think that was the assignment, but whatever. Dude...if she hates singing so much in front of people, maybe she shouldn’t have done a song that was so hard to sing. She wasn’t bad, though.

Now Chris Harrison says it’s time to announce the winner of the date, and Jason picks Molly, which we knew already. . Hmmm…I’m gonna call his bluff. He wanted to have a date with Molly and it really didn’t matter what they sang. Lauren naturally agrees. “I had the best song. And I didn’t get it”. I mean, she’s conceited, but she’s also right.

Molly’s date box comes. “Molly...let’s stay home tonight at my place. J”. The girls are jealous, because they think that will be more what it’s like to be with Jason. Minus the whole camera crew at least.

Molly’s “so nervous she could pee her pants”. The girls sit around awkwardly as Jason picks Molly up. They’re starting to get more and more jealous, I think, which makes sense. The more you connect with someone, the harder it must be to see them dating other people.

Molly’s date is at Jason’s place. This should be chill date and they’ll get to talk a lot I’m sure. Jason wants to know more about Molly besides “all the fun stuff”. They have fast food for dinner. Right away, they get down to serious talking. I have to say, she really needs to lay off the eyeliner. Jason seems to disagree though and thinks her eyes are “stargazing amazing.” I guess…if you’re into raccoons.

Back at the mansion, the group date box arrives. All the girls are praying they’re not going on that 50-percent-chance-you’re-leaving 2-on-1 date. The girls that get the reprieve are Jillian, Lauren, Shannon, Megan, Melissa, and Naomi. “Want to play doctor? –J” That leaves Nikki and Stephanie for the 2-on-1 date. My money’s on Stephanie getting the rose. Nikki begins to cry and stress. She should be fine, though, because this is her natural state.

After eating, Molly puts on some of Jason’s clothes, and they go out to a tent and campfire set up in the back yard and make s’mores. Mmmm. Molly tells Jason that he is just what she wants her husband and the father of her children to be. She tells the camera she’s on the path to falling in love with Jason. They kiss and then he gives her a rose. Molly’s teeth are so white they look like they’re under a black light. They go into the tent to do the nasty.

Shannon decides to wait up for Molly, because well, she’s creepily obsessed with Jason’s every move. Guess it will be a long night for her. We get shots of her asleep on the couch and then shots of the tent with the sound of Molly’s moans. Making a little brother or sister for Ty perhaps?

Jason brings Molly home the next morning, and they seem veryyyy smitten with each other. Watch out Jillian...we may have a new frontrunner. Molly refers to herself as “first girl in Bachelor history to have the walk of shame”. Haha...what an honor. The girls all greet her warmly (or fake warmly) but definitely notice her wearing Jason’s clothes. Side note...what’s up with the purple polka doted robes? Did each of the girls get them? They annoy me. Molly tells the girls she’s so tired that she feels sick, and this upsets the girls who have a date with Jason because they’re getting her tired, sloppy seconds.

Jason shows up for the date, and mentions that he’s all about surprises again. Uh...aren’t all the dates on the Bachelor/Bachelorette surprises. Shannon’s worried, because the last time she spend time with Jason she was crying and throwing up. Good point.

The group date ends up being a trip to the set of General Hospital. It’s Spinelli and Maxie (also known as Zenon, for all you Disney fans out there). I missed their actual names, sorry. I am so glad Maxie has cleaned up her act since she faked a pregnancy and broke up Lucky and Elizabeth’s marriage, which really didn’t need any more help since Elizabeth was pregnant with Jason’s child anyway. I guess Georgie’s death really put things in perspective for her.

Anyway, the group is going to be acting out some scenes. The girls are sent to hair and make-up. I see Shannon with a knife. Obviously, they were type-casting.

The girls show up on set, and Maxie/Zenon and Spinelli are going to give them pointers. Maxie/Zenon wants to teach them about kissing, so she ask for a volunteer and, what do you know, Shannon pretty much vaults herself up there before Maxie/Zenon’s done asking the question. Shannon got to kiss Jason and now she feels a connection. Now? Really? She was acting THAT creepy and didn’t even feel a connection?

“I am a horrible actor,” Jason astutely states. Let the drama begin.

First up is Naomi, who is a maid. She’s sleeping with Jason, who’s married with Lauren. Lauren catches them making out, slaps both of them. They have to do the take about 15 times, which means that Naomi gets to kiss Jason 15 times. In the scene Naomi screams “I’m not a whore” and Melissa, watching, remarks “Oh, I don’t know. I disagree”. I love Melissa.

Next we have a scene with a wig-clad Jillian. She gets to be proposed to in her scene. Melissa is feeling jealous of the other girls kissing Jason. Megan has the next scene, and even her character is profane. She grabs a hold of him and goes nuts.

Next the gang heads to Hollywood for a “wrap-party”. Jason asks the girls the hardest part of the day, and I’m guessing for all of them it was watching all the girls make out with Jason. Naomi sits off by herself pouting, I assume because she wants attention. She claims it’s because she’s having a hard time today, but uh, that’s bullshit. She’s being an attention whore.

Jason takes her off to talk, and Naomi talks about how hard it is for her. And how scared she is. Jason talks about how he thinks they’ll be in each other’s lives forever. Which will be reassuring for Naomi when she gets sent home this episode or next (which will happen if I have my way).

Everyone’s kind of emotional tonight, and Megan, sweet as always, says, “Everyone’s crying, and upset, and emotional, and it’s like, man up!” Apparently she doesn’t think it’s hard, which is weird to me. Who enjoys seeing a guy you like dating other girls? Side note...seriously...why do people go on this show? Jason comments on what a great person Megan is, which isn’t true. And then he doesn’t kiss her, because well, she’s going to go home. Megan thinks she’s completely perfect for him, because clearly she’s an idiot.

Jason goes off with Lauren next, and she talks about how she dominates people. Lauren tells him he better give her the rose that night, and Jason looks pretty put off. Jason says he hears her. Umm...he better not give her the rose on this date. Damn...why do these girls act all normal on one episode and then whip out the crazy on the next one? How am I supposed to figure out which ones I like?

Next, Melissa gets one-on-one time with our bachelor and starts crying and tells Jason that how upset she was proved to herself how much she is really falling for him. She at least is embarrassed of her crying though, which is more than I can say for some of them. They kiss for a while and Melissa interviews that she doesn’t want to fall in love alone. Shannon creepily shows up over Jason’s shoulder, so the moment is kind of officially ended.

Shannon and Jason go off and talk, and apparently Shannon’s family and friends are delusional, because they think she had the perfect personality for this show. Shannon grabs Jason away and tells Jason that he can’t let her go because she has so much to offer. She tells him that she is “putting her heart on her shoulder” and that she wants to meet Ty and begs him to come home with her. I almost can’t watch this, it’s so pathetic. She’s crying and blowing her nose and basically a mess. And then tries to kiss him, which, weirdly enough, he’s not so into. Shannon feels rejected...probably because she was.

Back to the house, and Nikki and Stephanie get their date box. “Let’s dance the night away. J”. Isn’t a dancing date awkward with three people? Stephanie’s excited about the date, and Nikki’s nervous.

Now it’s rose time on the date. Will Lauren get her way? Naomi gets the rose, and the other girls feel like it was a pity rose because she went off and cried in the bathroom every five minutes. Lauren says she feels like an idiot. Then she comments on what type of girl it means he wants if he picks Naomi. I agree. She’s an annoying attention whore. Why is she still there?

Now it’s time for the dreaded two-on-one date. Dresses show up at the house for the girls. Naomi talks about how much the 2-on-1 date sucks. I actually agree with something she says, for once. Stephanie says she’s worried because Nikki’s a beautiful girl and Jason “likes dark hair and dark eyes too, and that’s a concern”. Uhh...doesn’t Stephanie have dark hair and dark eyes too?

Jason is concerned that Nikki stays too in the box and that he might not have a romantic connection with Stephanie. I think Stephanie’s going to win out. But...I don’t get Jason’s taste (Naomi? Really?), so what do I know?

They get to the date location, and whoa, Stephanie’s got boobs. They’re going to learn how to waltz on the date. Aw...both girls look really pretty. Nikki wishes that she would have had weeks or months to prepare for the dancing. Stephanie on the other hand, is a ballet dancer and has even taught dance for years. Nikki says that Jason and Stephanie look like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Man...I really wish Stephanie would tone down the makeup, though. She’s really pretty without all of it. Nikki talks about how she feels like a third wheel, and has the balls to cut in. Nice move. Oooh, and now Stephanie cuts back in. It’s SO on. Stephanie wants to kiss Jason, but refrains because Nikki’s there and well, she has class.

Now Nikki cuts back in. Okay, these women are getting so annoyed with each other, but are trying to pretend they’re not. Oh god. Nikki tells the camera that she wants her turn. “I’ve never been married. I don’t have any children. Stephanie already had a one-on-one date with Jason. She already had a man. She married him, had his daughter, and sadly he died. I want my turn”.

Back at the mansion, the girls talk about who’s coming back to the mansion, and who’s going home. Jillian thinks Stephanie’s staying. Megan wonders if they’ll both go home. I don’t think they will.

In the next part of the date the sit down for dinner and get down to some serious conversation. The fact that Nikki had been in an 11 year relationship comes out and Jason and Nikki have some private time and Nikki opens up even more. Next Jason and Stephanie share private time. I can’t help but wonder what the other one does during the one-on-one time. At least on group dates they have the other girls to talk to.

Now it’s rose time on the date. Aww...I’m going to feel bad for whoever leaves, and by that I mean Nikki. Jason talks about how amazing the two girls are. And then he gives the rose to Stephanie, who looks like she honestly feels really bad for Nikki. Stephanie is probably one of the classiest people to have ever been on the show. Nikki handles the situation with just a little more class than Natalie. Jason looks really upset sending Nikki home, and I still like him, even if he has horrible taste and likes girls like Naomi.

At the mansion, the guy comes in and takes Nikki’s stuff...and damn, she has like four suitcases. Pink ones, too. Cute. The girls seems sad...quite a contrast to last week when Natalie left.

We see shots of Stephanie and Jason together interspersed with Nikki talking about how she’s never god enough or something. Jason and Stephanie dance and she finally gets that kiss she has been hoping for all night. Clearly he’s feeling the spark with her now.

On to the cocktail party before the Rose ceremony. I’m hoping for drama.

Jillian and Jason go off and talk. Jillian talks about how she can handle the situation pretty well. Then they kiss. The girls talk about the two of them, and Megan thinks they don’t have a romantic connection. I wish she was right.

Melissa and Jason talk and she apologizes for crying. She tells him she notices little things like the freckle by his eye and the hole in his ear…oh my god. Did he have his ear pierced? That’s no bueno. Jason and Melissa really seem to have a major connection, which makes me happy since I really like that girl. They kiss, and Melissa talks about how she’s really falling for him.

Megan now talks to Lauren and Stephanie about how she feels like she hasn’t had enough time with Jason. He comes in and takes Megan off to talk. Megan tells the camera she’s best suited for Jason than anyone else, but he doesn’t see realize. Yeah...because Jason is also a crass classless bitch. Megan talks to Jason and actually says OMG in conversation. Not “oh my god”. She actually says the letters OMG. Wow, that’s so embarrassing. Jason shows off the waltz moves he learned to Megan and she’s very excited. They don’t kiss though, again. Hmmm.

Jason talks to Lauren next. Lauren is upset that she didn’t get the rose and tells Jason she is going to slap him for real. She’s clearly not that upset though, because they have their first kiss. Lauren thinks she has the strongest connection with Jason of all the girls. Yeah...that’s not true at all.

The charismatic Chris Harrison comes in then to take Jason away to deliberate. Ooh, I guess we don’t get to see Chris Harrison and Jason talk about the girls, though, which is disappointing. Why cut back on the ridiculously small amount of time we get to see Chris Harrison? Booooo.

Molly, Naomi, and Stephanie already have roses, so they’re obviously staying. I think the other frontrunners are Melissa and Jillian. That leaves Shannon, Megan, and Lauren. Two more are going home. I’m hoping it’s Megan and Jillian, but I’m sure Jillian is staying. I’m thinking it’ll be Megan and Shannon maybe? Or it could be Lauren and Shannon and I just reallyyyy want Megan gone. Wait actually, didn’t the previews imply Jason might send an extra girl home? Are they all going?

Jason tells the girls what an amazing time he’s had, and thanks the girls for everything. And the roses go to...

Melissa (Sir-Cries-A-Lot): I knew it. She may have been insecure this episode, but I still like her.

Jillian (Oh Canada): I still don’t like her. She seems like she tries too hard to be cool and chill and it just comes across fake and annoying. I hope "Dude" drops her ASAP.

Man, the rose ceremonies are getting short. The final rose goes to...

No one. “I’m sorry. I can’t do this. I can’t give out this final rose.” Wow, that means there are only five girls left. It also means that the witch is dead! Yes, that’s right! Megan is gone! He says Megan is amazing, Lauren is honest and real, and Shannon is “a beautiful person”, but he can’t lead the girls on. So yeah, none of them get a rose. I like it. Good twist Jason. I’m definitely not upset those three are going home.

Lauren thinks it’s not fair that Jason “changed the rules up and didn’t give out the last rose”. She apparently thinks Jason should have kept him because she told her how she felt. He went by who he felt a connection with, which was obviously not the way to do it. Shannon, strangely enough, seems to handle it fine. How weird is that? Isn’t she supposed to have some sort of breakdown and drive past Jason’s house every hour? She does talk about making out with her dog, so we do get to see a little bit of that creepy Shannon we all know and love. I hope her puppy enjoys French kisses as much as Shannon seems to. Megan was SURE she was getting the last rose, so she’s very hurt and confused. She handles leaving with more class than I’d expect from her, though, so I give her credit for that.

Jason toasts to the girls left, “the five most wonderful girls I’ve ever met”. Take that, Deanna and Ty’s mom.

Next week: Jason reunites with Ty, takes the girls to Seattle, possibly stands Melissa up (although I doubt it), and Jason and Stephanie go on some radio show. Oooh, and apparently we’ll see “the most dramatic Rose Ceremony ever”. Right. I feel like they’ve claimed that before. Like...every episode.

Oh, and our ending clip is Lauren singing a song about wanting to famous, which gives us great insight onto why she came on the show. week my money’s on Naomi going home. But that could just be because I reallyyyyyyy want her to go. What do you all think?

Core Four
We're basically going with a Core Three now. With only five girls left, a Core Four is pretty much impossible for us. But we're including a fourth AMAZING person. Because it IS called a Core Four...

Melissa: She obviously cares about Jason and she has some of the funniest observations on the show. Definitely our favorite.

Stephanie: She has proven time and again that she has more class than most of the other girls have in the fingernail on their pinky.

Molly: She has proven time and again that she has more class than most of the other girls have in their pinky fingernail.

Chris Harrison: He may not be competing for Jason's love, but judging by how little we see of him, he has to compete for screen time. his blog. He's funny. And clearly a winner in our book.


Jessica said...

I agree with you that Naomi will probably go, but I hope Stephanie will. She just doesn't have any sort of a connection with Jason. He's keeping her because he feels bad that her husband died. Plus, I hate looking at her overly made up face!

Kristen said...

I actually think that Stephanie and Naomi probably have an equal chance of leaving. I just don't see Naomi with Jason because she seems so fake, but I also don't see him with Stephanie, and I think he'll send her home sooner rather than later so he doesn't drag her (and her daughter) any further into this than need be.

Anonymous said...

I still think Jason will end up with Melissa. Guys on this show tend to choose who they are physically attracted to, and he and Melissa are all over each other! I really like Stephanie, although I do not think she is right for Jason and she doesn't seem to be into him much either.

Anonymous said...

melissa will end up with jason. they have a really strong connection. i feel that stephanie is to matured for jason she looks like his seious... n the othe girls r not just right fo him...melissa i go for u!!!

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