Poll Results Week 1 (The Bachelor: Jason Mesnik)

There was a pretty clear winner in our poll last week. When asked who you most wanted to see go home on the Bachelor, over half of everyone who responded wanted Erica gone...and you all got your wish! Interestingly enough, the other two girls to go home, Kari and Natalie, were some of the lowest vote getters. No one voted for Kari, and Natalie only got one vote. I'd guessing Natalie changed a lot of people's opinions last episode though...

See the rest of the poll results after the jump.

So...who does everyone want to go home now? I definitely want to see Megan, Naomi, and Jillian gone. How about you all?


Sam said...

I was sooo happy that Erica left! How horrible was she? I want Shannon and Megan to go next. I think they definitely will go soon.

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