Core Four Reasons Jeff Probst is in our Core Four

1. He's one of those guys that really believes in his show. Like...he'd watch Survivor even if he didn't host it.

2. He doesn't let the castaways bullshit him at tribal council and always pulls the truth out of them eventually.

3. He doesn't just let the survivors quit. He gives them a hard time about it, as he should.

4. You gotta give a guy who hooks up with one of the former contestants props. Let's see Seacrest pull that one off.

See pictures of Jeff, host with the most, after the jump.


Nikki said...

Oh, My! No, no, no, no... There is not a more lame and smarmy host on TV than Jeff Probst (well maybe Donald Trump). Jeff Probst tries to make himself be a bigger part of the show than he actually is. He always inserts his cereal-box psycho-babble at the end of every tribal reminds me of Jerry Springer at the end of his show. I don't need Probst's life lessons and he looks silly giving them. It's like he wants to be playing the game and is mad that he's not. I can't listen to him to talk, I always FF his description of the challenges because he bugs me SO much! Puh-leeze remove him from your Core Four...he doesn't need anymore face time than he already gets.

Alissa said...

Haha, no way Nikki! The show wouldn't be nearlyyyyy as good with Jeff! Haha, although, I do agree that I could live without the Mr Rogers/Jerry Springer-esque life lesson at the end of every tribal council. Ya know, you mentioning that you FF through his challenge descriptions made me remember that I tend to zone out during them and have to go back. But I always figures that just gives me more Jeff time. ;)

And well, he's still Core Four in my heart when it comes to reality TV show hosts, but we'll probably change our Core Four tomorrow, so at least you all won't have to look at him!

Nikki said...

I am still NOT on the Probst Love Train, but he did score some points with me for asking Sandy if she was crazy. Weren't we all wondering the same thing?!?!?!

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