Real World: Brooklyn (Episode 3) Recap

Last week on the Real World: Brooklyn, Baya danced, Blayne made JD mad with his pranks, and Blayne’s mom accused him of stealing her eyeliner. It was by no means enthralling, but I have hope that this season will get more interesting when people stop being polite…and start getting real. Please fight, please fight…please!

Spoilers after the jump.

To start this episode, Baya talks about how well she and Ryan get along, and then we see the two of them sitting there while Ryan plays guitar. We get to see more of Ryan’s wonderful singing. I particularly enjoy when he hits the high notes. He says that if anyone was his type it would be Baya, “She’s cute. She is cute. She has a rockin’ body.” And Baya finds him attractive when he plays music, because she likes horrible singers, I suppose. Ryan talks to his girlfriend about how he wants to record his music.

The roomies go to a bar owned by Pete Wentz, which I guess means that Ryan can meet industry people there. If it’s good enough for Pete Wentz…? Ryan meets a guy named Doug Newman, who is a producer for a company called Crush and is, according to Ryan, “a traffic cop in the music biz.” Wow, sounds official. Next...random shots of Baya and Ryan kind of flirting, but not really.

Later that night, Katelynn is having trouble with her boyfriend, Mike. He’s not communicating in any way. He is probably busy having a fivesome. She should just lay off in my opinion. The roommates get home, and Devyn and Katelynn are talking about her boyfriend, who apparently hasn’t called or emailed her since she’s been there. Devyn says to talk to him, but Katelynn says their relationship is about them not talking to each other about their feelings or something. Doesn’t she want to spend the rest of her life with this guy? Good luck with that...

Ignoring Devyn’s completely logical advice, Katelynn calls Mike and DOESN’T talk about what’s bothering her. He is very curt on the phone when she talks to him, and this is apparently the first time she’s talked to him since she’s been there because she told him how many roommates she has. Baya is naturally surprised that he didn’t even ask Katelynn any questions.

Luckily for me, we next get to see Scott “flirt” with Devyn by hitting her with pieces of raw meat. That’s just so sweet. Scott says he flirts with lots of girls, I assume because the camera guys asked questions about him flirting with Devyn.

Later, while talking to Devyn, Sarah predicts that within 30 days Scott will tell another housemate that he has a thing for Devyn. They make a bet on it and Sarah is very confident. Within 10 seconds of the bet she says, “That was the easiest $30 I’ve ever made.” Let’s not count our chickens before they hatch, Sarah.

Ryan, Blayne, and Baya all head to Crush Management, where the guy Ryan met works. He’s going to try to help them all out in the industry. Apparently Blayne wants to get into hosting of some sort. What kind of hosting exactly? I heard LOGO’s looking for some talented young men. The people at Crush say they might be able to give Blayne some work interviewing bands for their website. Baya has given up on her dream of dancing, and instead wants to be a DJ, and they hook her up with someone to teacher her how to do it. Doug is going to hook Ryan up with “machine,” whatever that is. I haven’t a clue. wonder so many fame-whores/wannabe celebrities come on this show. They get completely hooked up, even though they do NOTHING/aren’t talented. Greedy much, guys?

Back at the house Ryan sings a beautiful song about a girl that cheated on her husband who was in Iraq with Ryan. Mostly it sounded like “Liiiiar. Liiiiar. Please don’t lie to me anymore.”

Now we’re at some club, and Baya is getting spinning lessons. Shouldn’t she practice at home first? Don’t subject everyone to your suckiness. Katelynn gets really drunk and grinds all over a bunch of guys and then makes out with a girl. I wonder how these people will react when/if they find that out that she’s transgender. Katelynn doesn’t feel bad about it because she feels her boyfriend doesn’t care about her anyways. When Devyn suggests that maybe she should just break up with him. Katelynn replies, “Because I actually love the son of a bitch.” Ahhhh, love.

Ryan is going to play for Machine, who it turns out is a person. Blayne gives him good advice such as, “Play well today.” and “Don’t fuck it up.” Once, they’re there, Ryan talks about his life and then sings a song we wrote with his army buddies while he was wasted. The song is about tampons. Nice choice, that’ll impress Machine. Machine tells Ryan that he’s lovable, writes lovable music, but that he’s in the wrong spot. Ryan thinks that maybe he shouldn’t have played the tampon song.

When Ryan gets home, Baya runs into his room and wants to now all about his meeting with Machine and he doesn’t want to share much and is obviously upset about what happened.

We now see JD for the first time, but he doesn’t say anything, just stands in the background. Devyn has made a BFFometer for her and Scott, who just stands there as she shows it to him. I am not exactly clear what it is, but I do know it includes levels such as “Co-Pilot”, “Masseuse”, and “Dutch Oven”. Somehow this sheet of paper will determine if they can have more than a friendship, or if they’ll just be stuck in a “Dutch Oven” their whole lives. Sounds very scientific and like something a 4th grader would make.

Alex, Scott’s model friend comes to visit, and Devyn tries to dress herself up because she jealous, I mean annoyed, I apologize Devyn. The whole group goes out and Scott feels like a pimp with a model on one arm and Devyn’s boobs on the other. Devyn tells Scott he needs to date a black girl, and this confuses him. What could she mean? He just can’t understand.

Blayne likes the model enough to “give her two weeks,” but somehow she doesn’t seem to want the same. But he was so nice telling the camera that she would be worth two weeks of his life… He conspicuously walks by shirtless and pops his pecks to an aloof Alex.

Devyn is talking to her friend on the phone and tells her that she is getting mixed signals and wants Scott to “pick a side.” I think that, if pressed, Scott would pick a side that Devyn would not be too pleased about.

While out, Ryan and Baya were dancing together and out of nowhere he tells Baya to lay off since he has a girlfriend. Baya gets offended, so she goes and hangs all over Blayne, to prove she does that with all guys, I guess? Ryan later apologizes. Baya make is clear that there is nothing sexual between her and Ryan.

Scott shows Sarah a picture of a girl from back home, Marissa, who he is, apparently, very much in love with. Scott tells her that he didn’t tell anyone because it will all become clear anyway. Devyn is obviously surprised because Scott told her he was single. MTV proves it by showing the clip. Take that, Scott! Devyn wakes Scott to tell him that he is sending mixed signals to “some girls” and “some girls” might take his hugs to mean more than Scott thinks they do. “Some girls” is not a reference to herself, I’m sure.

Katelynn tries to call her boyfriend and he doesn’t answer. She hasn’t communicated with him in ages and she feels like she might have had enough. She and Sarah have a nice talk and Sarah tells Katelynn that she is being such a girl, which is a big compliment to Katelynn, natch. Katelynn then cries herself to sleep. I think that she’s too good for the guy if he’s going to be an asshole to her, personally.

Some of the roomies go to Manhattan to a bar called Matchless and Katelynn meets a guy named Matt there. She goes out on a date with the guy. Katelynn tells JD about it and we get to heard JD talk for the first time this episode. His scene lasts about 15 seconds. Katelynn’s date with Matt goes well and she finds that they are hitting it off. He’s much better looking than Mike, that’s for sure. Katelynn wants everyone’s opinion about Matt, so she brings him back to the house. At the end of that date, all Katelynn wants is to talk to Mike.

The girls are taking a pole dancing class and Ryan decides to go with them wearing 80s attire. While there, Baya and Ryan check each other out and Baya tells the camera that they flirt and Ryan writes an email to her professing his feelings. He says that he likes her but can’t do anything about it at this point in his life. He ends it with “but someday...I’m not canceling it out.” Damn. How’s Michelle my Belle going to feel about that? I know I’d be pretty damn pissed. Baya doesn’t even know how to react. Devyn reacts by telling Baya that she should make a BFFometer. We all saw how well that worked with Scott.

Core Four:

Ryan: He may suck at singing, but he’s pretty funny (not so much the tampon song), but at least he’s trying.

Katelynn: We think she should just dump her loser boyfriend. If she would just stop dwelling on that, we would like her even more.

Sarah: Though she hasn’t had any drama herself, she seems to be the go-to girl for advice, and it’s usually good.

Baya: She handled the whole Ryan situation pretty well, and we have to give her credit for that. Plus, she recognizes that Katelynn's boyfriend is ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

Where was JD in this episode?? I think I saw him in 2 scenes!! I missed him, because these other people are so boring.

carrie said...

Ryan's not that bad of a singer! But I agree that he shouldn't have gone with the tampon song. I felt bad for Devyn. Scott totally flirted with her, even though he had a girlfriend he wouldn't tell everyone about. I thought it was good she backed off when she realized he was taken.

Kristen said...

Haha, well, Ryan's singing has actually improved compared to the last time we heard it, but still nothing to write home about. All I'm saying is that if he wants to be a musician professionally, he might think about voice lessons.

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