Real World: Brooklyn (Episode 2) Recap

Last week on the Real World we met the eight strangers who were picked to live in a house, have their lives taped, and find out what happens when they stop being polite and start getting real. JD was cool. Ryan was homophobic, Baya was nothing, Scott had abs, and Katelynn didn’t tell her roommates she was transgender. This episode is called “The Outs and Ins of Brooklyn” so I can only assume Katelynn will reveal that’s she transgender to more of the housemates.

Spoilers after the jump.

To start the episode Blayne finds lube and an XL condom in JD’s stuff and proceeds to ask JD all sorts of questions about his sex life. I’m pretty sure Blayne’s just trying to see JD’s penis...because you know, he’s straight. JD tells Blayne that he is not his boyfriend, and Blayne is secretly hurt. After their exchange, Blayne continues to obsess about the size of JD’s penis. Suuure you’re not gay.

Sarah is doing Katelynn’s hair. They apparently get along really well, and Katelynn tells her that she’s transgender. Sarah doesn’t see it as a big deal. She’s very supportive, which makes me like her more. No surprises there.

We hear a doorbell ring and Ryan yells that someone should answer it. It is then revealed that it is actually an alarm clock that Ryan is holding and then proceeds to send JD on a wild goose chase as they try to determine who is there all while Ryan and Blayne yell for them to answer it with increasing exasperation.

“So, the lame bus just pulled into our kitchen and dropped off yet another discussion.” Wow, discussions, that must suck, Ryan. Sarah shoots of crap about how there should be a modern Renaissanst, whatever that is, and something about Egyptians, while Ryan looks on in disgust. We also get little gems such as Katelynn’s, “the polytheists knew how to get down” and “everyone wants to save the porpoises, no one gives a shit about the tuna.” The discussion ends with Sarah and Katelynn deciding they should teach a class and write a book.

In the next showing of the housemates’ maturity, someone put a banana in a condom in the fish tanks, killing all the fish. Speculation indicates that it was either Blayne, or Ryan and Blayne. JD is very pissed about this because it means Blayne must have been going through is things. I agree that it is not that funny, but perhaps someone is inordinately upset about this. Sarah, JD, and Devyn decide Sarah should lecture Blayne about it.

Blayne doesn’t take this confrontation very well and calls the rest of the housemates judgmental, and that’s coming from the Mormon. He says he didn’t go through any of JD’s stuff and that the condom was his own (couldn’t JD tell that wasn’t an XL?). I think Blayne is probably telling the truth because we saw no clips of this happening. That just seems like something the producers would want to show. The two of them end the argument in agreement, I guess, but they both still seem pissed off.

Now we move on to Baya, Katelynn, and Sarah going to an Afro-Caribbean dance class. Shots of Baya dancing well and Sarah and Katelynn looking terribly awkward follow. Is it just me, or is this episode kind of boring?

On the way back from the dance class, Katelynn comes out as transgender to Baya. Three down, four to go. Katelynn tells them that she has no intention of ever telling Blayne and Ryan. For some reason they think that they’re immature and would make tasteless jokes. Why would they think that?

Baya has decided to audition at the Hip Hop Dance Conservatory. She’s trying to get everything in order, and is all stressed about it, and she’s nervous because she feels like is not experienced enough. Ryan is also feeling nervous about auditioning and says, “Dude, I don’t have a chance in hell of making it on that dance team. You...kinda do.” I liked that.

In another example of Blayne not being gay, he wears eyeliner for the housemate trip to the gay area of NYC. Blayne laments that he gets hit on by gay guys all the time, wonder why?

While at the gay bar Ryan looks extremely uncomfortable but when JD offers Ryan $100 to dance with the drag queen, Miss Peppermint, he accepts. When he doesn’t dance at all, they change the bet to a kiss on the cheek. When he gets a lip full instead, the roommate flips out and Ryan looks horrified. Ryan proceeds to brush his teeth 5 times.

The roomies are happy for Ryan that he’s opening up. Ryan calls his girlfriend and tells her they need to talk. He tells her that he kissed someone and after she tells Ryan she hates him, he tells her that it was a drag queen.

Time for Baya’s audition. Baya gets put on the spot with questions by Safi, the drill-sergeant dance instructor. She felt like she wasn’t in tune with the music and didn’t do well. Based on all the “fun” they had at the audition, she’d probably be lucky not to get in.

Now Blayne’s family is visiting...his mom, sisters, and brother. They’re all very Aryan. They think it’s “way cool” that JD is a dolphin trainer. Later on in the car Blayne and Ryan tell Blayne’s mom that he’s gay and she remarks, “Well that’s why he’s so nice!” During her tearful departure, she reminds Blayne not to wear eyeliner again.

It ends up that Baya did get in to the Hip Hop Dance Conservatory, but decided not to do it. Good decision.

JD comes home shitfaced from a bar ranting about people who don’t speak English at the drugstore he went to. He tried to get chapstick and the lady thought he wanted cigarettes. Blayne calls him rude, and that’s definitely something coming from Blayne. Blayne got upset that JD was being rude to an immigrant and a fight ensued. JD ends the fight with, “Go read your Bible. Goodnight.” The next day Blayne decides to let JD go for it because he was drunk at the time of the incident.

JD hooks Baya up with a choreographer he knows. Baya looks like she feels more comfortable and happy in this environment.

JD opens up to Blayne about his childhood. He’s the youngest of five, and all of them have different fathers. JD was the only one to graduate from high school and go college. They share a nice, bonding moment that closes off the episode.

So, this was not exactly the most exciting episode of the Real World I’ve ever seen. Hopefully, things will get more dramatic soon because I can only watch so much of Blayne’s pranks and Baya dancing in a studio. Maybe we’ll even see the mysterious eigth roommate, the elusive Scott. I, personally, don’t think he even exists.

Core Four:
This week we had an easier time thinking of our Core Four. Maybe these attention whores are growing on us.

Sarah: She seems to get along with everyone, and she handled Katelynn coming out to her really well. Plus, despite our general dislike for people covered in tattoos, we think she's pretty okay.

Ryan: He may have come across homophobic last week, but this week he seems more open minded. We definitely appreciated that. Plus he’s funny.

Baya: She hasn’t really done anything controversial, but it’s nice to see someone actually pursue their dreams while on the show instead of hoping they’ll fall in their lap.

JD: Even if he is a slurring drunk who hates on immigrants, he’s probably the most likable of the housemates, scary, huh?


caitlin said...

I think they had Scott in 1 scene. He was talking maybe. I don't know.

I love Ryan! I don't think he's homophobic, just sheltered. He's funniest out of all of them. Chet's pretty funny too. I don't know why all the other roommates got so mad at him. He didn't really do anything wrong.

I don't really like Katelyn. Not b/c she's transgender. There's just something about her that annoys me. She seems like she thinks she's better than the others.

Anonymous said...

that was sooo gross when ryan kissed the drag queen. ewwwwww!!! ryan and scott are my favorites for sure.

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