The Bachelor 13: Jason Mesnik - The Return of Deanna Pappas

There's quite a bit of speculation about what will happen when Deanna comes to the Bachelor to talk to Jason (who she so cruelly rejected last season AFTER LETTING HIM PROPOSE).

The facts:

1) Deanna makes some sort of appearance on the show, saying “I think I made a mistake”.
2) She also says, “You haven’t proposed yet. You still have a chance”.
3) She had already broken up with Jesse when she appeared on the show

That’s pretty much it. So could be anything. Obviously the producers want us to believe that she’s showing up to say that she screwed up by not picking Jason, is in love with him, and wants another chance. But honestly, how likely is that?

Read my theory after the jump.

Deanna may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but is she really THAT stupid? I’m going to guess no. Jason’s doing the show. He’s over her. And just because Deanna would have taken Brad back months after he rejected her, it doesn’t mean Jason’s the same way. And I think she knows better than that. Plus, honestly, she didn’t want Jason then, why would she want him now? Clearly if she was going to chase after anyone, it’d be Graham. Wait...has she shown up at his house yet? Do we get to see that?

More likely, Deanna is coming to warn Jason about some sort of mistake she made on the show...rushing into things, not considering certain factors, being a self-involved bimbo...that sort of thing. Not quite as dramatic, but I’m sure her arrival will still stir up lots of drama with the girls. Didn’t the previews show Shannon saying Deanna’s presence made her want to hurl herself off the balcony or something like that?

I hope I’m wrong though, and Deanna shows up asking for another chance. I’d love to see Jason reject her. Karma’s a bitch.

So...what do you all think? Theories? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


Anonymous said...

I agree w/ you. I don't think Deanna's really going to change the game at all. The producers are just trying to make it look like a bigger deal than it actually is.


Annie said...

I dunno. I think Dee might be just self-centered enough to ask or him back. She probably thinks that the whole world revolves around her.

Alissa said...

Haha, that's a really good point Annie. She IS super self-involved. I'd reallyyy love it if she did...because I just don't think he'll end up with Deanna. And like I said, I totally want to see her get rejected by him. Does this make me a cruel person?

Anonymous said...

When did she appear on the show? What episode was it? Did I miss it?

Anonymous said...

Sadly, you're probably right...I'm so naive I automatically assumed she was there asking him to choose her. Man, I hate these tricky promos. lol

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