The Bachelor: Jason Mesnik (Episode 2) Recap

Last week, we saw 25 women shamelessly throw themselves at a man they had never even met. This week, I'm looking forward to seeing 15 women shamelessly throw themselves at a man they have barely met. If last week was any indication, Shannon will be creepy, Megan will shout obscenities, Stephanie will cake on some make-up, and Jillian will be Canadian. Bring on the date boxes.

The bitch fights (and my review/recap) begin after the jump.

We start off with a recap, like usual. Okay, I have to ask...why do they insist on showing Deanna rejecting Jason over and over again? We get it. We don’t need to watch how horrible it was for him over and over and over again. Jason compliments a lot of the women, and then talks about Renee, “I don’t get it.” Neither do we Jason, neither do we. He says that Shannon clearly knows the most about him. Uh...way to state the obvious, buddy. When talking about the girl he had the biggest connection with, Jason says that “it was really easy with Nikki.” Not the first or last time someone has said that about one of these girls, I’m sure. Megan says that she’s not used to people hating her? How is that even possible? Because honestly, she’s really really unlikable. Plenty of people have to dislike her. Probably at least half of the people she encounters. Maybe more. So, that was a seven minute intro before the show even started. Kind of ridiculous. I feel gypped! But oh well, onto the show!

The girls all show up in a limo, ready to move into the house. Chris Harrison, thank god, is there to greet them. We do not see nearly enough of Chris Harrison in the show. The girls are impressed by the house. Shocking. One notes about the pool, “It’s warm. It’s really warm”. No duh, it’s a pool. What did you expect, ice water?

Then Chris Harrison calls everyone together to announce, I dunno, the rules or something. In case the girls haven’t all watched the show obsessively in the past. He goes over the usual...roses, dates, etc. something is different. Not everyone will be going on a date with Jason every week. I agree with the girls when they say this sucks, because I thought the point was to get to know him.

Jason shows up randomly to hang out with the girls by the pool. I totally underestimated Jason. He might actually be the best bachelor ever. He actually wants to get to know them in a casual setting. Hopefully his pool party will go better than Deanna’s did. Maybe the girls will come across (and look) more real. Stephanie perhaps? I can only hope.

Jason calls Megan over to talk to make sure she’s okay, which is sweet of him. Jason assures her that she would have gotten a rose either way, and she’s super relieved. Man, I dislike her, but I did feel for her a little bit there....until she started talking more. Then I was over her again.

A lot of the girls, including Stephanie (who does, in fact, look way better with less makeup), are very impressed at the sight of Jason with his shirt off. Natalie, who I didn’t like so much last time, does a pretty darn good slow-motion interpretation of how the girls looked at Jason when he took his shirt off. I’m definitely starting to like her.

Jillian says she thought Jason was a ketchup person. Another part of her theory...“Once your kraut, you’re out.” That catch phrase would have been cuter without the Canadian accent. Is the whole “how to judge a man by what he puts on his hotdog” topic going to be only thing Jillian talks about with Jason? Because I’m sick of it already.

Shannon discusses her game plan, which involves rubbing Jason down. Not a bad plan, actually. God knows I’ve won many guys over that way. Just kidding. I’m not a whore. Jason asks if Shannon feels like she’s “gotten a lot of the craziness out of her life”, and she says she does, which is weird, because I saw a hell of a lot of craziness from her last episode. Jason likes that Shannon tells him how much she wants to be there. She definitely seems a bit less stalkerish today. The way she looked at him continues to be creepy, though. It was like she wanted to butter him up and eat him, which, honestly, I wouldn’t be shocked if she did.

A rose comes with an envelope for Jason. It’s from the very important Chris Harrison. Jason is supposed to give the rose to the woman he wants to spend an evening with that night. The competition is sooo on.

Lauren is talking to Jason about what the experience being on the show was like for him. And how he wanted her to have a rose. And something about quizzes. And the languages her grandfather spoke. Okay. I’m not going to go so far as to say I like Lauren, but I do see a competitive edge in her that I like. Competition isn’t necessarily a bad thing, even on this show.

Naomi, who slaps bitches, also worked with orphans. Suuuure.

Nikki gives Stephanie advice on getting 1-on-1 time, which is actually super nice. Jason is talking to Natalie, and yeah, I definitely like Natalie now. Stephanie awkwardly stands behind Natalie and Jason as they talk, but handles it graciously and is embarrassed by how awkward it was. I’m glad she’s self-aware enough to know she should be embarrassed. I like her. She seems reasonable. How weird for this show.

Now Jason grabs the rose, and everyone gets super nervous. Natalie thinks she’ll get the rose, and I think she’s wrong. Jason offers the rose to Jillian, who I am quickly losing patience with. Did Stephanie never get her 1-on-1 time? That’s crappy.

Natalie runs upstairs and cries because Jillian got the date, and Raquel comforts her. I knew I liked Raquel. I like it when the girls can help each other through this because they are obviously dealing with the same things. Hopefully Natalie gets over this though, because when they get too upset it starts to annoy me. Dating more than one girl at once is kind of the point of the show...

Lauren says (jokingly) that she’s glad she didn’t get the date because Jillian didn’t have time to do her hair. If she got the date, she would have had to wear her hair curly....or (gasp) in a ponytail. Eh, whatever you have to say to make yourself feel better about it.

Jillian and Jason’s date is at Disney Hall, where Deanna took Jesse. Is this a sign? I want Jillian to stop talking. Her accent is so annoying. I can’t even concentrate on what she’s saying because it’s all I can hear. If she says “Get out,” one more time, I’ll fly to Canada and strangle her. Inside Disney Hall, Jason (and by Jason I mean the producers), has arranged for a private performance for them by Robin Thicke. Is it just me, or would these private performances be awkward? They dance and Jillian talks about how amazing the date was. Jillian almost sounds like she is going to cry every time she gives an interview. Does that mean things went badly or she is just overwhelmed with joy?

Switch to the girls talking about their date, and if they think they’ve kissed yet. A date box arrives for Melissa. The card says “Let’s take our relationship to new heights,” so...some sort of helicopter or plane ride? Cut to shot of Megan looking pissed...big surprise.

Now we go back to Jason and Jillian, dancing. Talking head Jillian talks about how romantic and intimate it was, and then we see them kissing. A lot. So, Jillian scores the first kiss.

Jillian returns home for the date, and the girls want to hear everything. She admits that they kissed. Melissa gets nervous because of that.

Now it’s time for Melissa’s date. Talking head Melissa says she was in a relationship from age 15 to 22, and that this is her first real date in 3 years. She afraid of being too nervous. Jason says that Melissa fits the mold of the type of girl he goes for, but he’s afraid girls that fit that mold aren’t ready to settle down.

Their date starts on the beach. Melissa brings up being a Cowboys cheerleader (finally). They talk a bit, and Jason is surprised that Melissa has been in a long relationship, wants to teach, and loves children. I guess he’s surprised that she has depth?

Cut to the girls, and a date box arrives. The date is for Natalie, Erika, Naomi, Nikki, Lauren, Kari, Sharon, and Molly. “Let’s put the glam into Hollywood glamour”. Megan, Shannon, Stephanie, Raquel, and Lisa all don’t have dates with Jason, which could be a definite disadvantage at the rose ceremony.

Back to the Melissa/Jason date...a Goodyear blimp/magic eight ball shows up. Melissa is very impressed. Then the Goodyear blimp/wingman gets Jason a kiss. The blimp then asks if they want to go for a ride. Wait, is she dating Jason or the blimp? They get in, and the camera pans to a shot of a rose in the blimp. The sun is setting as they go for the ride, and it’s actually really cool. Jason asks Melissa to accept the rose (which we all expected) and they kiss again. Jason says it’s been a long time since he’s had a passionate kiss like that. Sucks for Jillian, eh?

Jason takes the group date girls (Molly, Sharon, Naomi, Nikki, Kari, Natalie, and Erica) on a Pretty Woman-esque shopping spree and then takes them to a hotel. Kind of a side note, but I would just like to reiterate the fact that Sharon annoys me.

Erica talks about how it’s hard dating someone who’s dating others, because it feels like cheating. Her last boyfriend cheated on her with a 52 year old. Whoa. What does that say about her, exactly?

Now it’s bikini time, a staple of like...every date on the bachelor. Jason decides to hold a talent show. He does some sort of break dancing, which isn't really break dancing at all. Kari, Molly, and Sharon do “synchronized swimming”. Molly steals Jason for one-on-one time. She claims her real talent is that she’s a good kisser. I see. And then she demonstrates. Yeah, I don’t think someone could use that line and not annoy me.

Nikki and Natalie fight because Natalie wants to talk about who Jason is kissing and Nikki doesn’t...or something equally stupid. Nikki doesn’t think Natalie is the person who is right for “not only Ty, but also Jason”. She also tells the camera that she’s only kissed one person since she was 17. Whoa. How old is she?

Nikki and Jason have 1-on-1 time, and Nikki talks about how a lot of the other girls aren’t ready to be Moms. I liked her last episode, but she needs to pull the stick out of her ass.

Naomi takes him away so that they can “talk AND kiss, which will be way better than the kiss with Molly”. Clearly someone’s in it for competition true love. Jason tells Naomi she is a good person (who handles bitches with a slap), and they kiss. That makes 4 girls so far. Now, Naomi tells the camera she doesn’t want to be petty. I would have found it easier to believe if she hadn’t excitedly told the camera that her kiss with Jason was longer than Molly’s only minutes earlier.

Now it’s rose time! And Jason picks...Molly. Naomi’s kiss might have been longer, but I guess he liked Molly’s better.

They arrive at the house. Jason walks the girls in, and Raquel sneaks into the limo to steal some 1-on-1 time with him. He comes in, and she says, “Did you have enough of me already?” She might have meant it as a joke, but it sounds kind of...creepy. She comes across...desperate or something here. And the whole thing is just super awkward. Then she tells the camera she wants Jason to fall so in love with her he never wants to be with anyone else for the rest of his life if she dies. Those Brazilians are a passionate bunch, huh?

Now (with 50 minutes left), it’s Rose Ceremony night, I guess. Jason wants to use the night to get to know the girls he didn’t have dates with.

Jason talks to Kari, who was upset she didn’t get 1-on-1 time on the date. Wouldn’t you get so sick of having to reassure insecure girls?

Oh look! Now we’re onto Jason reassuring Lauren. She wants him to initiate things. Things like what exactly? Jason thinks she might need more than he can give her at the moment.

Nikki and Melissa talk about how the girls might be more selfish than selfless. Even though I think Nikki might be a little too serious, she does have a good point. I suppose it’s better to be serious about this than to think it’s just a fun way to get on TV.

Now Jason talks to Shannon, who thinks he doesn’t remember her name...but stalkers are hard to forget! Jason quizzes Shannon...on him. She doesn’t want to talk about it, because well, she might actually realize how creepy it is. Shannon has trouble holding a conversation with him, because he’s cute. Jason has mixed feelings about her stalkerness.

Megan says that she thinks she and Stephanie are both “magnificent women”. Is it just me, or should you maybe not say something like that about yourself? Stephanie tells the girls what happened to her husband. She and the other girls get very choked up about it, and this moment actually felt more genuine than when she told Jason. I guess she wanted to keep the mood lighter the first time she met Jason.

Jason and Stephanie talk about her daughter, Sophia, whose birthday is the next day. Stephanie tells the camera that she's pretty much scoping out Jason as a father figure for her daughter.

Now onto 1-on-1 time with Lisa. She tells him that her grandmother has cancer and just found out she's terminal. Lisa decides to leave to be with her family. I respect that she made that decision, because I think some people (cough Sharon cough) have put Jason in front of the rest of their lives without any sort of commitment from him. Talking heads of Shannon and Lauren, who are happy that there’s one less girl to compete with. Nice.

Megan gets her alone time now. Her son’s name is Deacon Sawyer? What the frick? They’re talking, but Jason is stolen by Molly, who’s carrying her rose with her. I don’t like Megan, but that was a crappy move on Molly's part. They talk about how Molly is “chill”. Sure. She says she can’t be selfish, which is odd since she just cut into Megan’s time.

When Megan goes back inside and talks to the girls, Erica commiserates with Megan, and then tells Molly that she doesn’t think she did anything wrong. Megan calls her out on it and Erica then flips her shit and storms out of the room. Why in the world am I siding with Megan here? I can’t stand the girl. Eh, I hope they both get sent home. Yay for girl fights!

Transition to Jason talking to Nikki. He says that she has “amazing qualities”, as the camera pans up her chest. Nikki talks AGAIN to him about some of the girls aren’t ready for what he wants.

Erica’s still upset about the Megan thing. Apparently the fact that Megan hasn’t had confrontations before means she hasn’t been real with people. Um...or she’s not a total bitch. Erica points out to Megan that she got the most votes, and Megan reminds Erica that she got the second most. Touché. Erica reveals that she thinks her name was put down second most because she was a threat. Really? REALLY?? Wow, she is delusional for sure.

Chris Harrison comes in (FINALLY) to say that it’s time for Jason to go deliberate.

In the deliberation room, Jason tells the dashing Chris Harrison that he can tell that the girls are vying for his attention more than before. Stephanie is still “amazing”. I kind of agree. He says he feels bad she’s going to miss her daughter’s birthday. So, that means she’s staying? Lauren wasn’t comfortable tonight, and Jason thinks she might be a little too high maintenance. Quite true. Jason has a ton in common with Nikki, and thinks she really cares that things turn out well for him. Maybe, but she’s a bit too intense, I think. Jason is relieved that Shannon doesn’t actually know everything about him; I’m a bit relieved too. Maybe she’s not going to murder him when she leaves. Now they discuss Raquel, who seemed desperate. Jason thinks she goes after what she wants, and he definitely notices her. Jason talks about how hard this is. As for who’s going home, I’m going to guess Sharon (since we didn’t see her at all), and maybe Erica (God willing) or Raquel (her insecurity definitely showed). If it were up to me, though, it’d be Erica and Leno-chinned Naomi. We’ll see what Jason thinks.

It’s time for the roses! Jillian, Melissa, and Molly already have them, so they’re safe. And the roses go to:

Megan (the mom): Trashy, but she was right in the fight with Erica.

Nikki (the “mom” to the group): Mommy complex perhaps?

Lauren (the attention whore): Maybe she’ll stop whining now.

Naomi (the bitch): Well, there go my hopes...

Stephanie (the widow): Guess she’ll miss her daughter’s party.

Kari (from Kansas): Not much to say, we really didn’t see much of her this episode.

Natalie (the funny one): I’m glad she got it, so you can suck it Nikki.

Shannon (the stalker): She lives to stalk another day.

Chris Harrison come out and tells us that this is the final rose. And it goes to…

Erica (ewwwww): Just ew. Jason, I am very disappointed in you...

That means Raquel and Sharon are going home. Not big surprises there. I guess that the awkward limo conversation with Raquel turned Jason off. I can’t say I blame him. And Sharon, well, I think we all saw this one coming. The only reason she wasn’t one of the ones I wanted gone was because I knew she wouldn’t last long either way. Sharon handles the rejection alright. Raquel thinks maybe she was too aggressive, and I’d kind of agree. Wait, did she just say she fell in love with Jason? What? No.

Anyway, next week on the Bachelor: Stephanie gets a 1-on-1 date and her daughter shows up, the girls all make molds of their breasts, and (shockingly) there’s a lot of drama at the rose ceremony. I, for one, can’t wait!

Core Four
There’s still 12 left, so this shouldn’t have been as hard as it was. We did manage to pick though.

Melissa: Still cute and bubbly, but we saw that she has depth to her too. Once again, what’s not to like?

Natalie: We weren’t that fond of her last episode, but she’s shown that she’s fun and has a sense of humor. Our minds have officially been changed.

Stephanie: She’s classy, rational, and self-aware...kind of makes you wonder why she’s on the Bachelor, huh?

Lisa: Okay, she may have left tonight, but we really respect the fact that she values her family more than fame. Sadly, we don’t think all the girls would have made the same choice.

So...who would you all put in your Core Four? Who do you want to see gone (check our our poll on this question too)? Who do you think deserves a 1-on-1 date with Jason next episode?


annie said...

LOL, I totally agree about Jillian's accent. It was really annoying. But I dont know, I just can't like Natalie, I think she seems kind of fake, maybe it's her tan.

Nikki said...

I'm not sure that Lisa left because her family needed her right then, I think she could see the writing on the wall and ducked out of the game rather than get rejected.

I agree that both Stephanie and Megan grew on me tonight, or at least made me not dislike them so much. They both had moments where I felt for them and wanted to stick up for them. But Erica and Nikki were both too much! They lost points in my book for adding to the drama unneccessarily. (I'm sure I spelled that wrong.) Erica must have been bored because she drug that fight out way too long. And, Nikki needs to stop dissing the other girls to Jason. It is unattractive and makes you look insecure. He may have appreciated her "looking out for his best interest" at first, but he will tire of that...especially as he starts to have stronger feelings for some of them. He won't want to hear talk about them behind their backs.

Alissa said...

Annie - I know where you're coming from. I totally thought the same thing about Natalie being fake last episode. She changed my mind this one though.

Nikki - Interesting theory about Lisa. Yikes...that would suck if someone would use their grandma being sick as an excuse. Although we did all see Johnny Fairplay on Survivor. As for Nikki, I totally agree with you that it's unattractive and will get worse. I really don't like it when the girls do that...and it NEVER works well for them. Nikki's only SLIGHT saving grace in my mind is that she does seem fairly sincere about wanting what's best for Jason. It's just...she's going about it totally wrong. And I think she's way too judgmental...and like you said, insecure. We'll see how it works out for her...I'm guessing not too well!

Anonymous said...

lol. It's not just you...private performances have got to be awkward. I'm sure Robin Thicke was like "wtf? why am I only singing for two people. this is gay." But I bet the pay check from ABC totally made up for it.

Stephanie grew on me a lot last night. The first show her beauty queen smile and accent annoyed me (and I'm from Alabama). She's laying it on pretty thick. But anyway, her date on the beach with Jason looks like it'll be great to watch, even though it looked like she headbutts her daughter when she runs to her. And was Jason crying in that preview?? I can't wait!

Kristen said...

Haha, I didn't notice Stephanie headbutting her daughter. Even so, I looking forward to seeing that date. It seems like it will be really cute. Although I have to say, why is it OK for Jason to meet her daughter so soon but no one can meet Ty till the end? Double standard? Thoughts?

Kristen said...

BTW check out the poll on the side of the page!

I voted for Jillian, but Erica was a close second...

Kathy said...

Shannon really irritated me when all she kept saying to Jason was "Why are you so cute?", "Aren't you cute?" blah blah blah. Makes for great conversation, doesn't it? How do you answer that???? Hope she goes soon. Stephanie is starting to grow on me and I agree, she looks much better without all the makeup.

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